Commands List

These are Melodyy's commands, or as we like to call them, her lyrics.

Core Commands

Command Description
ping Check Melodyy's ping.
help Gets Melodyy's help menu (this commands list but in Discord embedded form)
system Checks Melodyy's system information.
makers Show's all the people who have tuned Melodyy to perfection.
donate You can help improve Melodyy by donating via PayPal.
https://discord.gg/ze9Deum Join the https://discord.gg/ze9Deum server for Melodyy if she's misbehaving.
invite Invite Melodyy to sing in your Discord server.

Music Commands

Command Description
repeat Puts the music queue on repeat, this might tire Melodyy out though, just a warning.
volume Change the volume of Melodyy, should she shout or whisper?
play Plays a song for Melodyy to sing.
skip You can skip a song if Melodyy is just not singing up to your standards.
forceskip With this command you can overcome everyone's skipping power and skip a song that Melodyy is singing.
replay Starts a song Melodyy is singing from the beginning.
shuffle Allows you to select a random song to play from the queue.
pause Pauses Melodyy's beautiful singing.
resume Resumes Melodyy's beautiful singing.
queue Allows you to view the current list of songs Melodyy is due to sing.
np Shows the song that Melodyy is currently singing.
stop Stops Melodyy singing and clears the queue.
notify Set a channel to notify you when a song is playing
autodisconnect Set if the bot should disconenct from the channel if no one is in the channel
charts The music charts

Utility Commands

Command Description
youtube Searches for a video on YouTube.
remindme Reminds you to do something.
add Adds two numbers together.
subtract Subtracts two numbers from each other.
multiply Multiplies two numbers together.
divide Divides two numbers.

Fun Commands

Command Description
trump Makes an illegal meme.
xmas Shows a countdown until Christmas.
cat Posts a random image of a cat.
fact Posts a random fact.
8ball Makes a magic 8ball make a decision.
owo Makes an OwO text meme.